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Online Video Streaming Soaring

Nielsen Media Research, the audience measuring service, reports that video streaming on the Internet is ramping up seriously. As of January 2011, year-over-year, video streaming itself is up 31.5% over 2010. That’s 14.5 billion video streaming sessions. Nielsen says even though the number of “unique video viewers” only rose 3.1% (i.e., a modest rise in the online population viewing), those same viewers streamed 28% more video than in the previous year.  They also spent an average of 45% more time watching online video. Obviously, people are growing more comfortable with online video as a communications vehicle.

And, what types of videos? Not surprisingly, movies and music videos are among the most popular subject-matter. YouTube, with its mix of wacky and legitimate video clips, is the undisputed king of content delivery networks, with 8.5 billion video streams delivered, or 10 times that of its nearest competitor, Hulu.