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Someday your Printz will come…

A rather interesting video marketing campaign is underway these days via The Printing House (TPH) in Toronto and its The Printz series, which demonstrates how an organization can use short video productions to amuse its clients, build corporate profile and promote services.

The recurring medieval character (The Printz) appears to work in a modern-day office and dishes out stoic advice promoting the outsourcing of photocopying. TPH uses YouTube as its hosting platform for the series and lets customers know via email and other means when the latest installment is available. You can watch a recent episode below:

The execution of the campaign’s various videos is capable, though the comedic writing may not be to everyone’s taste. The most interesting aspect of this campaign, though, is the company’s dedication to the concept (they’ve done numerous episodes) and its efforts to create a “viral” series. At the very least, it shows that organizations are warming to the idea of using video as a means of “telling their story.” Good on you, TPH.