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Canadian law firms and web strategies

My latest column in Canadian Lawyer looks at the top 20 law firms and their internet presence and Klout scores. Klout is a web site that measures online influence by using algorithms to gauge activity and influence in social networks, measuring things like “re-tweets,” “mentions,” “likes,” and “comments.” Klout uses a scale of 1 to 100. For simply existing, you get a 10 and build from there. An average Klout score is about 20, and those who achieve 50 or more sit in the 95th percentile, according to a recent tech podcast.

I ranked the firms according to size and contrasted that with  their Klout scores. It clearly shows that size doesn’t matter, since Canada’s biggest firms scored down the list when it comes to building influence in an online world.

The chart accompanying the story shows which firms are using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and youtube. Clearly, Canadian law firms are at the early stages and there is lots to learn.

Blogging and using Twitter can allow practice groups and individual lawyers to build a community and become thought leaders in their area of expertise. The race is on. Stikeman Elliott is well down the path of creating blogs for their practice groups, with eight blogs.

The gaunlet has been laid. It’s now up to the other law firms to strut their stuff.