Content Solutions for Business

Specialty Projects

CaldwellAnnual reports, white papers, regulatory proposals and other complex projects are our specialty

From complete Web site overhauls to newsletter articles to digital collateral to speeches, we can help support your one-off editorial-based projects, including:

  • White Papers: An often overlooked and underused communications tool, white papers are extremely cost-effective and valued by both internal and external clients. Rich in content and graphics, professionally designed, and exuding energy and intelligence, our white papers deliver your key messages along with information on industry trends, innovative ideas and practical advice.
  • Annual Reports: WebNews specializes in creating content-rich publications that investors and other stakeholders actually read. Working with your design team or ours, WebNews can craft an annual report that is engaging, informative and unique. Not a publicly-traded company? An annual report on your organization’s achievements in the past year can be a highly effective marketing tool. One of our clients has successfully replaced their drab brochure with an annual report that is among their chief promotional weapons.
  • Web Content Modules: Why reinvent the wheel? WebNews can create rapidly an online library of “how-to” articles, educational information, and product or service guides. They’re perfect for those in financial services, the professions, IT and other information-centric businesses. Drawing from our resources and others, we can assemble a custom-tailored library to turn your site into a destination for Web users.
  • Website Rewrites: Overhaul your website’s tired or dated writing, add new content and get a fresh perspective on what matters to your clients or customers. WebNews has rewritten dozens of websites over the years, weeding out jargon, making fuzzy ideas clearer, and simplifying navigation and site architecture. We also specialize in giving a fresh look to “legacy” content, such as older or paper-based articles, speeches, white papers, etc.