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Deliver key messages succinctly and manage the conversation with confidence

Presentation Opportunities

ConferenceSmallThese days, people working at all levels of an organization are being called upon daily to influence decisions in the workplace or in client marketing settings — often through presentations.

This requires skills beyond traditional job responsibilities. The ability to deliver a persuasive presentation to internal or external clients has become a fundamental requirement for many professionals.

The secret of a good speech is the art of communicating with an audience. Even with large groups, communicating can become a two-way street that engages any size of audience.

Far too many people who are given the opportunity to speak are satisfied to blithely read something in the general direction of an audience, without much care or consideration for the audience’s comprehension. Another large group of poor speakers chooses to lecture an audience, using too much jargon and sloppy sentence structures that fail in the effort to communicate.

Giving a good speech is an art. And every art has its fundamental disciplines. WebNews can help you deliver your messages powerfully.

Media Relations

With an acute understanding of how the news media reacts and functions, WebNews can help ensure you communicate your story effectively.

Many people are somewhat nervous talking to members of the news media, let alone actively seeking out media exposure. Common fears tend to focus on concerns such as being unwittingly pressured into defaming a competitor or offending a client, being made a fool of in front of peers, and being “quoted out of context.”media_training_banner

In most cases, these fears are unfounded. Many journalists are simply trying to get a job done as efficiently as possible so they can move on to the next story. That said, people do get quoted out of context or later discover they’ve said something they didn’t mean.

With preparation and some coaching, we can help you reduce the risk of a bad news media experience and even turn it into an opportunity to enhance your reputation in the community.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you add substance and impact to your next speech or client presentation.