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RFP Solutions

Win more business with targeted and compelling responses to every Request for Proposal

The RFP (Request for Proposal) has rapidly become the gateway to doing business with many major corporations and governments. For vendors and service providers, however, the growing swell of RFPs is a blessing and a curse.

While levelling the playing field and giving each bidder equal access to the contest, responding to RFPs is a major killer of valuable time and often a frustrating experience for organizations that must quickly assemble response teams, brainstorm pitches and create innovative fee packages.

WebNews has helped craft successful RFP responses and presentations that are, in part, responsible for clients winning millions of dollars in business around the world, including many complex and demanding responses to RFPs for contracts with national and provincial government agencies and departments (known for their detailed and sometimes ambiguous requirements).

WebNews provides a range of RFP solutions, including:

  • Creating winning RFP response templates & systems
  • Responding to specific RFPs
  • Coaching RFP presentation teams
  • RFP post-mortems (that is, finding out why organizations did or did not choose you)

With decades of RFP writing and presentation experience, we apply a wide range of writing and analysis learnings to each RFP response, including reviewing:

1. Overall Proposal Quality

  • Strength of Executive Summary or Introduction
  • Adherence to stated RFP requirements
  • Understanding of client’s needs/perspective
  • Thematic focus of response
  • RFP structure and organization
  • Strength of closing summary or conclusion

2. Rating of Sales and Marketing Effectiveness

  • Clarity and persuasiveness of key marketing messages
  • Demonstration of proposed features and benefits
  • Clarity of proposal’s “win” strategy and competitive differentiation
  • Clarity of services provided and demonstrated qualifications
  • Demonstration of Firm, lawyer’s or team’s qualifications
  • Clarity of pricing model and value-added benefits
  • Clarity of deliverables
  • Relevance of References (if requested)
  • Quality of supporting information

3. Rating of Fundamental Elements

  • Adherence to writing conventions (punctuation, capitalization, spelling, etc.)
  • Writing skill level (e.g., use of active voice, positive language, etc.)
  • Consistency of writing
  • Clarity of communication (i.e., use of plain or appropriate language)
  • Overall proposal appearance/design
  • Use of graphical and other devices (headlines, tables, figure, charts, captions, sidebars, success stories, etc.)
  • Sufficiency of content and brevity
  • Readability score
  • Use of Appendices
  • Quality of Table of Contents/Index

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