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Cross-border energy law program way of the future

If lawyers don’t think that specialization and globalization are key to their future success, one need only look at law schools for some direction. The University of Houston Law Center and The University of Calgary last week announced the formation of the International Energy Lawyers Program.

The program allows students to earn both a Canadian and American law degree in four years. Students spend two years at each school and take courses that will enable them to apply for admission to bars in the United States and Canada.

The program, of course, will focus on producing energy lawyers, a much coveted skill in today’s environment. The two universities are known for their energy teachings.

“Our two countries’ futures are intertwined economically, and one of the most important issues facing both countries is energy security,” said Ian Holloway, dean of The University of Calgary Law School.”Training the next generation of lawyers who are leaders in energy and natural resources law will help us in our quest for sustainable, rational, continental energy policy.”

“This is just the beginning of a collaboration that will extend beyond this program between two of the best law schools and two energy capitals in North America,” said Raymond T. Nimmer, dean of the University of Houston Law Center.

More and more law schools are becoming centres of excellence in specific legal categories. It’s a way for schools to differentiate themselves and make their mark with students. The same for lawyers when it comes to clients.

The day of the general practice lawyer is coming to an end, if it isn’t already over.